The 6 Personal Traits You Need to Succeed as an Investor


Investing in the stock market can be incredibly rewarding, but there’s also the risk of losing money and watching helplessly as your investment portfolio declines in value. To help investors protect their investments, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented certain requirements that all individuals must follow to ensure they are dealing with legitimate brokers, who are licensed to trade on behalf of investors. The SEC also oversees the registration of exchanges and markets, as well as listing standards for all securities traded on these exchanges and markets.

1) Commitment

If you can’t commit, then don’t start. Successful investors are committed for life. They know that stock markets may fluctuate but they’re not fazed by it; rather, they patiently wait for their next opportunity.

2) Ambition

One of the most important qualities a great investor must have is ambition. From their perspective, they won’t ever stop at their current position – they always want more success and more money in order to allow them continued freedom in their personal lives.

Being hungry for success is crucial. Money Motivation: If you don’t love money, then you shouldn’t be trying to be a successful investor.

3) Determination

Like many successful people, investors need discipline and determination. Many people want to be financially free but do not stick to a plan or push through obstacles along their way.

Successful investors know that in order for your money to grow, you must make sacrifices now so you can enjoy more freedom in your future. When they set out on their financial journey, they had a goal in mind and they’ve done everything possible to achieve it.


4) Drive and motivation

Successful investors often enjoy what they do for a living, whether it’s out of a genuine love for analyzing investments or because they derive pleasure from building their business and growing their wealth.

If you’re not feeling excited about your investment goals, it might be worth taking a step back and re-evaluating your approach.

5) Tenacity

When you’re working with your own money, it can be easy to let a bad investment or two get you down. However, it’s important that you don’t get discouraged by your losses—in fact, it’s imperative that you find a way to let those setbacks strengthen your resolve. If a loss teaches you something valuable, great! If not, make sure you don’t repeat that mistake again and keep moving forward.

6) Work ethic

Having a strong work ethic is key for any entrepreneur or investor. The money will follow if you’re determined and willing to do what it takes. With that said, there are a number of different forms of work ethic.

Some people push hard all day long, while others give up early on in their journey because they lack persistence—don’t be one of those! Make sure you have what it takes by doing your research and asking friends who have been successful entrepreneurs/investors in their field.